TOFI Corporation

Thursday, 29.09.2022, 11:58

The Corporation "TOFI" is:

1. Closed Joint Stock Company " International Finance Corporation " TOFI" ;

2 . Limited Liability Company "Construction Corporation " TOFI" ;

3 . Closed Joint Stock Company "International Trade and Investment  CLUB "TOFI" ;

4 . Limited Liability Company "Travel Agency "TOFI";

5. Limited Liability Company "Media "TOFI";

6. Non-profit organization "Foundation "TOFI".

Each company has its own specific focus and activities, but for the realization of ambitious projects of interest and activity of the companies merged.

JSC " IFC" TOFI" project involved an investment of $ 5 million. Company joins investors and project owners. We work with investors from almost every country in the world, and the owners of the project are Russia, CIS ountries and even contries of all the world. Each project is worked out in detail, the amount of work depends on the project, but we can not exclude the full documentary support and financial representation abroad. With JSC "IFC "TOFI" potential project owners may enter into contract to achieve their goals and meet with such sharks of the world of business, which were even afraid to ask.


"CC " TOFI " manufactures construction and survey works I and II species complexity. Company builds residential and nonresidential buildings. There admission to the SRO. Construction company is the general contractor in the construction of facilities projects financial companies group TOFI. These objectives fixed it to each project was completed as accurately and with a minimum expenditure of resources. But "CC "TOFI" have side projects that it implements and builds quality in time.


JSC " ITIC "TOFI " is the company acts as an organizer investment forums and meetings where large investors consider a large of projects in Russia, CIS and other countries. Essence of the Club is that members of the Club shall be closed meetings and access to which is strictly limited to membership in the Club. Discussed here are implemented and only the largest projects, because to be a member of the Club is an opportunity that is available only for millionaires.


LLC TA "TOFI " organizes leisure activities of our clients. Leisure, but this is not a peaceful pastime at the beach on a deck chair and extreme tourism and yachting regatta. This is a club for the rest of millionaires. Not everyone will allow yourself involved in the yachting regatta crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a pleasure only for the elect. So welcome, gentlemen!


"Media" TOFI" is a company, the specifics of which acts as the name implies, the media field. This issue applications for Android, which will be completely free, except for some additional features, as well as educational and entertaining broadcast movies dome theaters in children kindergartens, schools, shopping centers and parks, conducting performances with puppets and photo and video, everything else Media "TOFI" organizes weddings and celebrations. Overall, the company implements the task of the Group of Companies "TOFI" in the media sphere.


NGO "Foundation "TOFI" engaged in charity. Portion of the proceeds of the Group of Companies "TOFI" and raised funds from charities to the fund and spent it already as the objectives of the activity. Aim in this case is targeted to help children. Assistance can be directed to treatment, training. Moreover Fund considers options to help women victims of violence. Upon receipt of additional funding and increase the budget of the Fund "TOFI" NGO will use funds to other charities, such as the construction of schools, gardens, and other objects.


Also the group of companies "TOFI" includes: 

Network budget cafe "POVARENOK" 


Atelier luxurious fur faux fur "Fur coats TOFI"