TOFI Corporation

Thursday, 29.09.2022, 10:32

Services Corporation "TOFI" divided according to the organization that performs them.

Financial products are provided by CJSC " IFC" TOFI", building - "CC "TOFI", organizational - JSC " ITI " CLUB ", traveling - LLC "TA " TOFI", media servises - LLC "Media "TOFI". Below is a list of services for each company. Prices are individual and depend on each project and service.


Services Closed Joint Stock Company "International Finance Corporation "TOFI" :

1. Providing target loan 
2. Organization negotiations with investors in the consortium 
3. Project financing and support for projects "turnkey" 
4. Assistance in obtaining credit 
5. Issue a letter of credit 
6. Assistance in obtaining Bank Guarantee (Bank Guarantee SWIFT)


Services Limited Liability Company "Construction Corporation " TOFI" :

1. Construction, reconstruction and overhaul 

2. Preparation of project documentation 

* Specify that the cost of the work is tied to the budget documentation, so exact figures difficult to call. It is for this reason, the final price is announced work after studying the specification.


Services Closed Joint Stock Company "International Trade and Investment CLUB "TOFI" :

1. Club membership

2 . Organization Forum on the subject of the project 

* For information about the Club and its additional services are classified information to third parties. All information is provided only to members, to consider the possibility of the potential to become a member you must contact us.


Services Limited Liability Company "Travel Agency "TOFI " :

1. Organization yachting regattas crossing the Atlantic Ocean (swim once a year for a period of one to three weeks) 

2. Rafting, kayaking 

3. Climbing 

4. Diving 

5. Visit Antarctica 

6. Visit Arctic


Services Limited Liability Company "Media "TOFI": 

1. Creating applications for Android "turnkey" 

2. Organization of weddings, celebrations 

3. Photo and video activities 

4. Broadcast training and entertaining movies in theaters dome 

5. Conducting performances with puppets 


Charitable Foundation "TOFI" provides targeted assistance to children and women.