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Thursday, 29.09.2022, 11:58
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Atypical Spring Gathering will be held in the Belgorod region among children ages 11-17 years, from 7th to 9th of May 2016. This is not tourist gathering of students, it will be meeting with military bias. Studentswith counselors will check knowledge about the Second World War, will be honor of veterans and will strengthen patriotic education. Organization of the event involved Foundation "TOFI".

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Travel Agency "TOFI" will provide extreme tour for the ascent of Mount Everest. The cost ranges from 60 to 100 thousand euros. Running services announced for mid-July.

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International Finance Corporation "Tofi" talks with representatives of China's financial business to opening of the bank  in Russia. The purpose of the banking organization will invest in small and medium enterprises at low interest rates.

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On the eve of the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory Foundation "Tofi" financed release an application for Android "Texts war songs".You can download it for free in Yandex.Store or by the link. It made by Media TOFI.

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In order to optimize the business Construction Corporation "Tofi" reorganize up to the end of 2016.

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Construction Corporation "TOFI" financed the creation of application for Android for builders "Automation systems". It can be download for free in Yandex.Store or by the link. Media TOFI create this app, for which it already 103rd application.

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In the period from 2nd to 10th of January 2016 was the Winter meeting of schoolchildren of the Belgorod region, financed by the Charitable Foundation "Tofi". Obschee number of participants: 122 schoolchildren and 25 counselors. We wish to thank to the partners of the Group of Companies "Tofi" and sponsors from China participating in the financing of the meeting.

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Charitable Foundation "TOFI" specially for the Day of the Constitution of Russia financed the release of free application for Android with the same name. Media "Tofi" made this app, for which it is 102nd application. You can download it by the link or in Yandex.Store for free.

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Businessman from China began to finance the construction of series of partial frame houses in the Crimea. The value of investments in the 2015-2016 biennium. 4.5 mln. US dollars. IFC "Tofi" acts as an intermediary, construction is a prerogative of CC "Tofi".

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