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Media TOFI for two full months of work with dome cinemas broadcast films have more than ten thousand visitors. In the period from August 1 to 15 for the visitors will be valid discount of 20 percent, and every fifteenth client visit dome theater for free.

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Блог.ру - alex-golder - Первый прыжок с парашютом в тандеме с высоты 4000 метров
Travel Agency TOFI adds another type of service for extreme tourists, it is a jump with a parachute. First destinations - Moscow and Central Russia. The cost of 9000 rubles.

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In September 2014 the Foundation TOFI will hold a charity event to raise fund . More information exact date, time, the place and the plan a charity event will be announced later, no later than two to three weeks prior to the event.

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Construction Corporation TOFI continued a series of applications for builders for Android. Another application can be downloaded from Google Play link.

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В Москве в 2009 г. планируется ввести около 1 млн кв. м торговых площадей / Новости рынка / Новости / Актуально / Главная страни
Construction Corporation TOFI appointed general contractor for all construction projects CJSC IFC TOFI, which are introduced from 1 August 2014. CJSC IFC TOFI now carries an additional type of service for the Russian subjects and municipalities. If the budget of the region or the city there is a line on the construction of objects of state or local significance, including schools, kindergartens, roads and other facilities, but funding is currently not, CJSC IFC TOFI will guarante to finance the above objects ... Read more »

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