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Group of companies "TOFI" began to collaborate with one of the largest construction companies in the world TACA Construction.


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Currently under negotiation with all formalities regarding the construction of two hospitals coasts 1.6 and 1.8 billion euros. Question construction is already solved, participate in the construction of JSC "IFC "TOFI "and "CC "TOFI"

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JSC "IFC" Tofi "and" SC "Tofi" involved in the project construction of a cement plant in Algeria worth 800 million euros. Currently going through a coordination of documents, the process of construction should begin within three months.

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Dear visitors to our site, you will find information about the villas and their photographs by visiting our facilities. Do not miss the chance to invest in a great property with a good yield.

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Construction Corporation "Tofi" exposes the Russian market built villas in Turkey. The cost of an object is 270,000 euros, will be exposed to all eight similar villas. Information and pictures of objects will be load in for one to two weeks.

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On the background of world events JSC "IFC" Tofi "plans to focus work with China and other Eastern countries, the list will be presented later. This is done to avoid unforeseen situations with investors.

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Currently being developed for the launch of our first app for Android and iPhone. Work will be completed in the next month. The first application is a handy device to send requests to investment and to study of investment products and all companies in the group "TOFI offline.

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Hydroelectric in Chontal, Ecuador will now take place in the period of 48 months, it will be in the period of 60 months. Also increased the cost of the work from 269 to 320 million U.S. dollars.

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In the town of Chontal Republic Ecuador starts construction of hydroelectric cost $ 269 million. 

Construction period is 48 months. General contractor INTER RAO EXPORT.

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JSC " IFC " TOFI" offers new investment programs for businessmen.

We are happy to potential borrowers by the fact that the list of our investors have added a number of countries: India, China, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates.

There are three options for investment cooperation:
1. Having owned by the borrower of the land plot of 20 % of the project, which will take a pledge to the investor. Investment amount of 10 million dollars. Requires document : Business plan, feasibility study, evidence of ownership of land plus its estimate (Russian and English).

2 . The second option involves the cooperation of the fact that the investor becomes a co-founder, he will own 40%, 60 % - to the project owner. Requires a business plan and feasibility study.

3 . Third type of cooperation also involves 40 to 60 percent , but it takes a fu ... Read more »

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